The Official Opening Ceremony of “La Proxima Generacion”

May, 2010  |  ,

A project team from Kivala-HR has just returned from Ecuador having been invited to the official opening ceremony of the new Child Development Center, a project that Kivala-HR have been supporting. The center offers room for 80-100 children, with a kitchen, bathrooms, and a huge playground outside.  Kivala-HR’s project is called “La Proxima Generacion” and is the fourth kindergarten overseen by the charity Alianza in 10 years.

During 2009, Kivala-HR decided that the company should extend its project expertise to a humanitarian project and decided to support the building of a new kindergarten in a deprived area of Santo Domingo de las Tsáchilas in Ecuador.  The Kivala-HR team, led by Frank-Reiner Gross, managing partner at Kivala-HR, were overwhelmed to see the completion of the project and also to see the change it will make to the lives of the families in the area.

Frank-Reiner commented “As a team, we are 100% convinced that this visit and the personal contacts that were established in this very short period of time will help change our personal outlook on life; we will stay in close contact with all these people in Ecuador.”

Following the completion of the project, Kivala-HR has recruited its first Ecuadorian employee, who’s remit is to oversee the kindergarten and report back on developments made.