Successful go live after nine months only!

January, 2013  |  ,

Kivala-HR is more than happy to announce that the Global Data Core Solution for Evonik Industries successfully went live in January 2013! With more than 30.000 active employees in 12 countries and more than 70.000 pensioners in Germany, the Evonik team supported by our team of highly experienced SAP-HCM consultants in Europe, US, and Asia delivered the complete project from scratch in only nine months – including a Global Template based on our Global Template approach, a successful data migration using our various data migration tools as well as the first payroll run in January 2013.
The scope of the project covered all major processes in SAP HCM:

  • Organizational Management now showing the functional view the Evonik Industries globally
  • Master Data for all employees based on our Global Template design plus all necessary local enhancements
  • Time Management in Germany (including Shift Planning) and Belgium
  • Payroll in China, Belgium, and Germany
  • LSO, Travel Management, Qualification Management
  • Employee and Manager’s Self Services integrated in the Evonik Corporate Portal based on SAP® NetWeaver

And in continuation of a successful partnership and joint work Kivala-HR had been awarded recently to deliver the next global roll-out projects to all other countries like India, South Korea, Japan, all major countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Arabia.