HR Intelligence

HR intelligence has become extremely important. Personnel related expenses are typically the largest cost item of an organization. At the same time talent is the most important single factor that determines business success -or failure.

HR Intelligence is about ensuring ambitious business goals can be met by measuring, planning and controlling human resource management activities with the help of appropriate technologies. Our new highly experienced HR Intelligence team helps customers measuring  the effectiveness of HR programs, contributing to the return on investment and ensuring that money spent on workforce is spent wisely.

Our Services

We support organizations throughout the entire project cycle and help our customers take the leap from operational to strategic HR Intelligence. Our services include:

  • Selection and definition of meaningful HR key performance indicators
  • Specification of user groups and definition of the appropriate front-end strategy
  • Specification of a globally harmonized and consolidated HR reporting
  • Design of the underlying technical concept
  • Definition of a transparent and reliable authorization concept
  • Implementation of the IT solutions

Global Template Approach

Our HR Intelligence team helps steering the entire company towards a common goal, which can be particularly challenging for our international customers. We bridge the gap between local and corporate interests by utilizing our Global Template Approach throughout the entire project. Local and international subsidiaries are guided into the globally applicable HR Intelligence concept with our well-proven templates that minimize the room for interpretation and help structure the communication.

For further information you may download the flyer below, available in English and German.

Kivala-HR - HR Intelligence_EN
Kivala-HR - HR Intelligence_DE