HR Service Delivery Management

Many organizations are striving to optimize their HR and IT processes and system landscape by centralizing and streamlining the delivery of their HR services.

When developing the future organization of the HR Services there can be a lack of integration and alignment between the system implementation and HR services.

Kivala-HR ensures the coordination across functions, processes and systems necessary to manage the full life cycle of HR Services, particularly in the areas of:

  • Servicing and system strategy alignment
  • Servicing (re-)design and process definition and automation
  • Transition
  • Operations support
  • Continuous improvement of services

We address these challenges by supporting our clients in two distinct ways, depending on their current HR transformation process:

  • When HR and IT transformation are undertaken within the same initiative we:
    • Ensure that requirements, processes and solutions designed with SAP HCM are aligned with the servicing strategy
    • Identify potential for automation
    • Deliver the required knowledge transfer to operate the new solutions.
  • When an HR Service Center is already in place:
    • Kivala-HR’s proven capability to improve HR Service Center efficiency and raising service satisfaction is achieved  by analyzing and re-engineering the servicing flows; assessing organizational capability; work shadowing and specific training delivery.

HR Shared Services: An alternative to Outsourcing

HR departments are faced with the  challenge of  improving their service model with stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) but are still expected to execute with low costs to the customer. Aligning with other business areas at the same level of efficiency and scope is difficult. It is essential that HR departments demonstrate their contribution to the overall company success. The Shared Service Centre (SSC) approach is gaining importance in the debate surrounding future organizational direction instead of HR outsourcing.

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