Core SAP HCM modules

At Kivala-HR we know that organizational effectiveness starts with efficient core HR processes. Our wide ranging experience means we are able to advise you and help you rapidly implement efficient processes, enabled by the core components of SAP HCM. This will form the basis of your common, harmonized employee database. SAP HCM core data resides within the modules of:

  • Personnel Administration (PA)
  • Organizational Management (OM)

Within Personnel Administration (PA) employee data is  stored and managed across the complete employee lifecycle. It provides the start and end points of many HR processes and forms the basis for reporting and  future global process. Its key purposes are:

  • Serve as a central interface for distributing master data to subsequent SAP applications or third-party systems e.g.
    • Payroll and time management systems
    • User administration systems
    • Analytical reporting systems
  • Security and access administration
  • Providing real-time operational reporting  for administration processes

Organizational Management (OM) in SAP is central to many HR processes because  it describes the functional and/or administrative reporting relationships  between organizational units or people. It also supports reporting,  authorizations and process automation (workflow). At Kivala-HR we have assisted many clients in building, enhancing or streamlining their  organizational structure.SAP Organizational Management design

Payroll & Time Management

HR processes generally need to address a combination of global and local business requirements. Often national laws, regulations and work agreements influence the work of HR requiring high level consulting expertise.

Our consultants have a deep understanding of local specifics and how these are covered by the SAP HCM components of payroll, time management and benefits administration.