Data Management

Data migration is typically a challenging activity, whether migrating data from legacy SAP systems or any other legacy applications. Although the system and processes may be well designed and fully operational, managing the data to feed the newly built system remains a key factor. The main challenges are:

  • Scope definition
  • Extent – Volumetrics
  • Environment
  • Complexity of the data model
  • Validation

Kivala-HR advocates that handling data is far broader than simply migrating data from one system to the other; in fact, migrating data implies a balanced strategy and a full framework encompassing:

  • Creating the best strategy and approach
  • Providing the right tools for migration, cleansing and quality control and validation
  • Supporting archiving and legacy system decommissioning

The Kivala-HR focus goes beyond pure data migration; it is aimed at covering the full data management cycle.  Furthermore, Kivala-HR guarantees a full integration of roles and responsibilities, facilitating the alignment and coordination of the main key players within data management. These include management, planning and project management, IT and infrastructure, project and business team.