Maintenance & Support

Kivala-HR aims to deliver both business consulting and technical expertise and generate important cost savings. Our expertise enables us to anticipate issues reducing potential costs to our clients. In order to ensure the efficient, effective and smooth operation of our clients’ SAP system, Kivala-HR provides maintenance and support in areas such as:

Application maintenance (legal and functional changes and correction)

Unlike other SAP modules SAP HCM is impacted by regular employee related legislation changes.  This makes appropriate application maintenance essential. Kivala-HR can meet your application maintenance needs or supplement your internal support team.

Project & end-user training

Ensuring your project team and your end users fully understand your HCM processes and how they are enabled by SAP HCM are critical to their successful adoption in your organization.  Kivala-HR has previously supported many organizations in this area.

Release upgrade services

Kivala-HR has worked on and continues to work on the latest versions of SAP HCM and is therefore ideally placed to advise your organization on the new functionality available, its challenges and benefits.

Consulting services at global and local level

Understanding the differences between global and local requirements and how SAP HCM meets these are important for global organizations.  Kivala-HR vast multi-country experience enables us to advise organizations how best to implement their HCM processes.

Business consulting and optimization of end-to-end processes

Continuous process improvement enabled by the latest SAP HCM functionality ensures your organization continues to realize the business benefits of your implementation.  Kivala-HR brings experience of working across many industry sectors to help your organization improve its HCM end to end processes.