Managing & Coaching

Many of our clients want to maintain control of their SAP HCM programs.  Kivala-HR is committed to supporting them achieving this.  Having successfully delivered many projects of varying complexity, size, location and set-up, our clients are able to benefit from our experience in the critical areas of:

Program & project management

All successful programs require strong and focused management.  SAP HCM programs have some specific challenges which need to be addressed by program management.  Kivala-HR is able to support your organization by coaching and supporting your team based on our vast experience.

Project milestone reviews

Moving from one phase to another in a project is always a critical milestone.  Kivala-HR’s independent milestone reviews are specific to HCM and ensure your project is ready to move forward safely to the next phase.

SAP HCM security, audits & compliance

Implementing SAP HCM is invariably highly sensitive due to its focus on employee and organizational data.  It is important your organization understands its compliance requirements and how best to use SAP HCM functionality to safeguard it. Kivala-HR has many years of experience working in some of the most regulated industries and can use this to support your business.

Test management strategy & execution

Successful test execution is an essential phase prior to the completion of any project.  Many organizations have well defined test processes and procedures, but struggle to use them in a practical and meaningful way on their SAP programs. Kivala-HR is able to support your business use your test procedures to successful test your SAP HCM implementation.

Data management & archiving strategy

Many organizations focus on data migration in their SAP HCM programs, but data management and archiving is often relegated to an afterthought.  The storing and retention of employee data is tightly regulated in most countries and needs to be at the forefront of an organizations thinking when implementing SAP HCM. Kivala-HR’s vast multi country SAP HCM experience enables us to uniquely guide your business.