Software Partners

SAP Service Partner

SAPSAP is Kivala-HR’s most important business partner, becoming an official partner in May 2011. Kivala-HR collaborates with SAP in many contexts in connection with customer implementations and projects. SAP provides industry-leading software, leading-edge services and a technology that enhances the total value of the HR solution that can be delivered to our customers. Kivala-HR has a close relationship with SAP, acting as a Human Resources Service Partner and is always in touch with the latest status of developments from SAP.

SAP Co-Innovation Partner

In addition to being an official SAP Service Partner, Kivala-HR have further extended their partnership and will collaborate with SAP on its new future people-centric solutions in the area of Human Capital Management (HCM). First results have already been achieved in the area of talent management, where Kivala-HR’s strong expertise will be leveraged to drive SAP’s HCM solutions to the next level. Kivala-HR will share their knowledge and expertise to ensure that the outcome gives maximum business impact and increases the return on investment for SAP customers.

Accenture HCMS

Kivala-HR is sales and implementation partner for the following SAP HCM based tools:

Accenture Quick Document Builder  (AQDB) automates correspondence creation and processing for adaptable Human Capital Management (HCM) with SAP ERP. The production and management of correspondence documents is automated through an integrated solution that increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Accenture Audit  and Compliance Tool brings consistency and quality to Human Capital Management data, helps HR and IT departments enhance their HR systems by enabling them to maintain consistently high quality personnel data.

Accenture Clone & Test makes Human Capital Management data reliable, safe and easy-to-use. A market-leading software product that swiftly copies, scrambles or compares SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) data to improve quality and efficiency.

Accenture Data Comparison Manager automates Human Capital Management data comparison to maintain consistent and high-level data quality.